A single, golden-brown pancake with a pattern of small holes on the surface, centered on a white plate with floral and berry patterns, placed on a wooden table.


yield: 30 pieces
    450 gramall-purpose flour
    1/2 packagedry yeastor 4.5g
    1 tspsalt
    1 tspsugar
    1 tspbaking bowder
    300 mlwarm milk
    300 mlwarm water


  1. Step 1. mix the batter

    mix everything together, let the yeast create little bubbles

    used ingredients: yeast, water, milk, flour, sugar, salt

  2. Step 2. fry in pan

    A freshly baked round loaf of bread with a golden crust and numerous small holes, known as air pockets, sits inside a round baking tin. The bread has a fluffy texture and is viewed from the top down, resting on a speckled dark countertop background.

    until bubbles start to form and become solid

    used ingredients: rings

  3. Step 3. remove rings and flip

    A close-up of two fluffy pancakes with golden-brown exteriors showcasing a lightly crisped texture and multiple small air pockets across the surface, stacked on a white plate.

    to fry the other side until golden brown

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